How to Blog in 2018

September 10, 2018 in Words

I wrote this to replace the standard ‘hello world’ text that comes with a fresh wordpress installation. Its purpose is to educate my clients on the importance of blogging in 2018, why and how they should go about it. It’s a work in progress that i’ll revisit quarterly.

Ok so we’ll dive straight in… SEO is probably the most important reason for blogging and also why most people do it. So if you can post as little as once every two weeks you’ll be on the right track.

But what should you write?

This depends on what your business is. Every business has its niche and therefore every business blog should have its niche.

Our niche at Neat┬áis producing high quality photos, videos and websites. So we can blog about a variety of things in and around those subjects. You should aim to educate your audience and share your knowledge with them. For example, a food blogger will post recipes and tips to share their knowledge/recipes with their audience. So if you’re a restaurant or cocktail bar you could share some of the items on your menu or recommend certain shakers or accessories for the home enthusiast. Or you could create entertaining tongue in cheek videos like ’10 ways to shake a cocktail shaker’.

Every single business will have unique characteristics and skillsets that they can use to educate their audience and these should be used across all of social media, not just blogging. It may be worth planning out a few blog posts at a time and maybe even writing the content before drip feeding them out. Thats pretty much how most people plan and distribute their social media content.

I’d recommend either reading or listening to ‘Crushing It‘ by Gary Vaynerchuck. It’s pretty much the social media bible for when you’re building a brand or business and gives lots of examples of social media content.

Anyway, get blogging and if you want any more information or advice. Drop me an email at

Thanks for reading.

Hello world!

July 3, 2018 in Words

Hey, we’re new around here. But, who are we exactly? Well honestly, ‘We’ is actually ‘I’ right now and that’s because we’re new!

So why say we?

Because neat isn’t just me Rog, it’s me, my clients and everyone else that i’ve worked with and collaborated with over the past 8 years on the journey to get to this point. Its the people who come and assist me on shoots, the people who see my work and recommend it to others and the clients who become friends.

One day I hope that this seed can grow into something bigger and we, can truly be we, in a studio full of like minded, hard working people producing some of the best digital content to come out of Birmingham.

For now, it’s just me. So if you want to help me grow this in to something bigger, maybe we can work together? Drop me a line –